It has been validated and awarded several times. Quality from experience

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ISO certification

Starting from the ISO 9001:2015 QM certification, through the ISO 14001:2015 certification, which certifies the sustainability and environmental compliance of our production and disposal processes, to the IATF 16949 quality requirement of the automotive industry, Donghua meets all the guidelines of internationally defined management systems. In 2018, the amendment of the 9001 and 14001 certifications also led to recertification according to the latest system requirements.

Quality from experience

We ensure the consistently high quality of Donghua chains through our certified management and production processes. Donghua is actively involved in various standardization committees and is therefore always up-to-date. Our employees have a significant impact on the success of the Donghua Group. Therefore, everyone knows their tasks in the overall process, undertakes them independently and fulfills them in a consistent and goal-oriented manner. Knowledge of upstream and downstream process steps, strong team spirit and fun on the job are the prerequisites for our company’s success.

Continuous questioning of existing processes, cross-functional problem solving and improvements are an integral part of our daily activities. Our customers set the requirements for our products and services. The binding fulfillment of these customer requirements is always our top priority. We value long-term, partnership-based customer relationships based on our consistently high quality.

Excellent quality

Emniyet Trading is a first-class supplier with outstanding PPM rates. Leading original equipment manufacturers in the packaging industry, warehousing technology and logistics repeatedly confirm this with regularly documented supplier evaluations as well as in the areas of automotive supply, forklift truck and agricultural machinery manufacturing. 2

Accredited test center

The Safety Trading Test Center is one of the most modern and respected chain testing centers in the world. The facility is also accredited as an approved testing laboratory.