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Emniyet Trading

Our focus on chain solutions in mechanical drive systems has made ETC the partner of choice for leading original equipment manufacturers in agriculture, industrial drive technology and lifting and hoisting technology. OEM first assembly and selected MRO partners benefit from our knowledge of chain solutions, as we make the first contribution to the overall efficiency of the drive and/or conveyor directly from the design phase. We are then able to supply the series production of the complete chain solution from assembly just in time.

The success of our customer-oriented strategy and product focus is supported by the fact that we have a worldwide network of subsidiaries, MRO partners and production facilities, which guarantee constant quality and high delivery reliability in the replacement market.

Preferred partner (OEM) for initial assembly

Striving for the most compact design possible and weighing the results in terms of wear resistance, maintenance and chain system life is crucial for many first assembly departments. This assessment is becoming increasingly complex because the number of product variations continues to grow, for example due to new possibilities in the field of materials, post-production or composition. Donghua provides first assembly departments with both engineering know-how and specialized production capacity that makes it possible to implement these possibilities already at the design stage. It goes without saying that European standards and regulations are at the heart of all our processes.

Knowledge center and special products

Knowledge is also at the heart of our cooperation with MRO partners. We keep their knowledge of chain systems up to date through training courses and, in cooperation with our engineering, they can even supply customized products that are customer- or application-specific. This ensures that our MRO partners are often experts in the field of chains and chain systems in their region. For end users, our exceptionally complete range of chains, consisting of 12,000 variants distributed over six series, is therefore only available through these partners selected by us.

60 More than Years of Work Experience
5250 m² Closed Area
11000 m² Open Area
5000 Product Range

Our Priority is Our Customers!

With all our units, we quickly and accurately perceive the needs of our consumers and domestic and international customers, and take an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meet their changing expectations for a better life.

Human Resources

In the light of our torch of science, unity and success, we believe that our human resources, who are educated, experienced, have a high sense of belonging and ownership, are open to all science-based developments, value information sharing and the spirit of unity, and have adopted a participatory management approach and success-oriented work, are among our most important assets.

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence approach is based on the effective use of technology in all areas, lean business processes, defined business systematics, data-based and fast decision-making systems. Agility is one of our core competencies.

Our Ethical Stance

We respect social, political and cultural values in every geography where we operate, and act transparently and in compliance with the law and business ethics rules. We attach great importance to honesty, open communication and fair management.