Printing Industry

The printing industry uses the latest production technologies. Companies operating in this sector need chains that are durable, reliable and have a long wear life to help minimize production downtime.

The chain supplied to the Printing Industry Chain is supplied in a variety of materials and finishes:

Chain Preloaded – to help reduce fatigue and extend the wear life of the chain, Donghua’s Link Chain comes preloaded as standard. Chain with little or no preload applied will stretch significantly during initial use and will need to be replaced sooner, meaning more downtime.

Chain Fit – we match our Link Chain to very close tolerances to ensure that the link links fit together with the sprockets, thus eliminating excessive stress on the links which is the main cause of fatigue failures.

Reduced Maintenance – where chain maintenance is difficult or needs to be minimized, our Self-Lubricating chain is the ideal solution.

Specialized chain for the printing industry includes:

Universal Link Chain: Donghua’s Universal Link Chain can replace 99 percent of other manufacturers’ chains, providing a ‘one chain fits all’ solution. It is manufactured in the UK and is pre-loaded, matched and labeled as standard.

Roller Chain: Donghua’s precision Roller Chain range is popular in the UK and is available in 25-foot and 10-foot lengths as well as standard 5-foot boxes.

Conveyor Chain: Donghua’s high performance Conveyor Chain is used in a range of industries including the printing sector and is known for its high fatigue and long wear life.

Self Lubricating Chain: Our Self-Lubricating (SLR) Chain is ideal for use where chain lubrication is difficult or undesirable.