Forest Products Industry

Donghua has sold Timber Chain in the UK since 2009 and we have expanded our stock to meet customer demand. Donghua’s Timber Chain is assembled in the UK at our link chain workshop located in the West Midlands. Our Timber Chain is designed for use in dusty, harsh conditions and dynamic loads.

Our Timber Industry Chain is supplied in a variety of materials and finishes:

Chain Preloaded – to help reduce fatigue and extend the wear life of the chain, Donghua’s Timber Chain comes preloaded as standard. Chain with little or no preload applied will stretch significantly during initial use and will need to be replaced sooner, meaning more downtime.

Chain Matching – By matching our Wood Link Chain within very close tolerances to ensure that the link links fit together with the sprockets, we eliminate excessive stress, a major cause of fatigue failures in link parts.

Hot Dip Lubrication – Our Timber Link Chain is hot dip lubricated and we are the only UK manufacturer with our own hot dip facilities. Hot dipping allows oil to penetrate areas that standard oil spraying cannot reach. As the oil cools, deposits remain inside the chain, providing ultimate lubrication.

Chrome surface coating – adding a chrome surface coating extends the wear life of the chain.

Specialized chain for the timber industry includes:

Sharp Top Chain: Commonly known as sawtooth chain, our Sharp Top Chain is available with next day delivery in mainland UK.

CP Chain: Chromized Pin (CP) Chain offers five times the wear life of standard Roller Chain. It is designed with a chromized pin and split bushing. Adding a chrome surface coating results in super hard pins that extend the wear life of the chain.

X 3 Chain: A high performance Roller Chain that lasts three times longer than similar competitive chains.