We advocate for clean, sustainable and resource-saving processes.

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Sustainable future technology

Our extensive investments in sustainable future technologies ensure that Donghua Chain Group is optimally positioned and equipped for all challenges in environmental protection. With future demands and requirements in mind, we already have state-of-the-art systems for energy supply, resource processing and emission filtration.

Environmental protection from start to finish

For Harvest Trading, environmental protection has always been an important fundamental aspect of our processes. Continuous improvement and our own systems for processing used resources enable us to implement environmental protection independently and at the highest level.

For years, Harvest Trading has been exceeding increasingly stringent government regulations and the requirements of various authorities and has made it its permanent mission to continue this leadership in protecting our planet in the future.

Ecological Technologies

For us, technological progress means not only improving our products and production facilities, but also ecological aspects. That is why we always make sure that we work as resource-friendly and energy-efficient as possible in our production facilities, in our research and development processes as well as in logistics handling. In this way, we actively contribute to protecting our environment every day.