Energy Industry

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the largest in the world and Donghua supplies a range of chains to this sector. To cope with the harsh environment where high loads and abrasive conditions are the norm, the chain needs to be extremely durable with extremely long wear life.

Chains supplied to the Oil & Gas Industry are available in a variety of materials and finishes:

Corrosion resistance – protection against water and corrosion for chain used in extreme environments.

Hot Dip Lubrication – thixotropic lubricant fully penetrates around the plates and pins during construction, providing the ultimate in lubrication.

API certified – Donghua’s Roller Chain operates in accordance with industry standards. Donghua is one of the few chain manufacturers with this certification.

Specialized chain for the Oil & Gas industry includes:

Heavy Duty Drill Balancer Chain: Our heavy duty oilfield Leaf Chain is used on offshore oil rigs where high loads and abrasive conditions are standard and a chain with exceptionally long wear life is required. Made in the UK.

Heavy Duty Chain: Donghua’s Heavy Super Power (HSP) Chain is specially designed for tough and aggressive applications. It has an ultimate tensile strength up to 50 percent higher than DIN standard chains.

Roller Chain: Our oilfield chain is API certified and available in multi-strand up to 13/4″ pitch with eight strands.