Agriculture Industry

Machinery used in farming and agriculture has to withstand harsh conditions all year round. Maintenance of the machines is important to help extend the lifetime of the machine and minimize unexpected repairs or costly replacements. It is therefore important to regularly monitor for signs of wear and tear and check the wear of the chain, among other things.

Donghua offers a range of high quality, high performance chain solutions for the Agricultural sector including walking tractor chain, combine chain, harvester chain and baler chain.Designed with super high breaking loads, our range of Agricultural chain can withstand the toughest applications in British agriculture.

The specific chain for the agricultural sector includes:

Heavy Super Strength (HSP) Chain: Our HSP Chain is popular in the UK because it is incredibly robust and its ultimate tensile strength is up to 50% higher than DIN standard chains! Perfect for harsh and aggressive applications, isothermal processes that heat the metal to extreme temperatures during production increase the durability of the finished chain.

‘Mark V’ Agricultural Chain: Donghua manufactures a range of Agricultural chain that is anti-corrosion, waterproof and zinc plated to provide added durability making it longer lasting than standard agricultural chain. Built in Donghua’s workshop in the UK, Mark V chain is available in a range of sizes and is a competitive solution.

Needle Chain: Donghua also directly supply a range of Needle Chain and Attachments in the UK. Our Needle Chain is designed with an open barrel to minimize material build-up causing blockages, corrosion and possible seizure. In use, it cleans the tooth root and removes trapped material.