Attachment Chain

Because of our unrivalled technical design, Donghua’s range of Universal Attachment Chains have the same critical dimensions as other brands, meaning our Universal Attachment Chains can replace 99 per cent of other manufacturers’ chain.

The Universal Attachment Chain program has been specifically produced for the distribution market, providing end-users with a unique ‘One Chain Fits All’ solution and more choice about the chain supplier they use.

One Chain Fits All

Traditionally, each chain manufacturer has designed and built attachments unique to them, making it impossible to replace with a different make. However, Donghua’s new Universal Attachments are designed in such a way that they can replace many of the other chain manufacturer’s attachments.

Our attachment chain is available in 3/8” to 2”, WK1 / K1 / K2 / M1 / M2 and extended pin attachments in British and American standards, including extended pitch chains from 1/2” to 2” pitch in Standard, Nickel Plated, Coated, Maintenance Free and Stainless Steel.

Pre-load Chart

The chart illustrates the benefits of pre-loading by gaining additional service life. Chain that has little or no pre-load applied will experience a significant amount of elongation during initial start-up of the drive before levelling off. The chain will then elongate at a steady rate until the case hardness on the wearing components is gone and the chain experiences rapid elongation.

Donghua chain that has been properly pre-loaded experiences very little elongation during initial start-up which ultimately results in extended service life.