Waste Water Treatment Industry

Chains on machinery used in the Waste & Recycling industry, such as conveyors, lifting equipment, baling and compacting machines, need to be able to operate in harsh conditions during the process of collecting, disposing and recycling materials. This is why Donghua Chains are popular with UK based waste and recycling companies.

Chain supplied to the Water and Waste Water Industry is available in a variety of materials and finishes:

Corrosion resistance – protection against water and corrosion for chain used in harsh conditions.

Coated Plus Chain – special alloy coating to ensure high performance in demanding applications.

Specialized chain for the Water and Wastewater industry includes:

Polymer Chain: Our Lightweight Polymer Conveyor Chain is oil-free and reduces additional maintenance downtime as it is designed with fewer moving parts and no rollers to wear out.

Galle Chain: Our heavy duty Galle Chain, also known as Sluice Gate Chain, is used for lifting applications in very wet conditions. It is extremely durable, anti-corrosion, water resistant and has a long wear life. Our Galle Chain is available coated on request.