Construction and Building Industry

Regular maintenance of equipment used in the UK Construction industry is a key contributing factor that helps minimize repair and maintenance costs, reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Supplied to the construction industry, the chain is available in a variety of materials and finishes:

Corrosion resistance – to protect against corrosion caused by aggressive conditions.

Heavy Duty – designed for tough and aggressive applications.

High Strength/High Shock – specially designed for use in the construction industry.

Specialized chain for the construction industry includes:

Our Heavy Super Strong (HSP) Chain: Our HSP Chain is designed for tough and aggressive applications making it ideal for the Construction industry and is a popular chain in the UK. It is incredibly robust with an ultimate tensile strength up to 50 percent higher than DIN standard chains! For more information about our HSP Chain click here.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain: Part of our Standard Roller Chain range, our Heavy Duty chain is available in short pitch precision roller chains (B series) in unidirectional, bidirectional and triple.

Standard Roller Chain: There is nothing standard about our Standard Roller Chain. Our chain is precision manufactured to fit simple drives with large diameter sprockets or complex drives with multiple sprockets and high loads. Ideal for machines used in the construction industry.

General Purpose: Our Standard Roller Chain is ideal for general purpose use in the Construction industry.